Terms & Conditions

Documents required for car rental

In order to take advantage of car rental in the Avtotitan company and sign an appropriate agreement with us the following documents: passport, a license of the driver.

Experience of the driver must be at least 2 years and age not less than 23 years old.


  • Class standard (e.g. Volkswagen Polo sedan)
  • Class comfort (e.g. Toyota Camry)
  • Business class (e.g. Mercedes E класса)

The vehicle fleet of the Avtotitan company consists only of new models of 2014 of release. Rent cost in days depends on make of the car and duration of term of rent.

Free additional services

  • Delivery of the car on Simferopol.
  • GPS navigator.
  • Children seat.

Paid additional services

  • Delivery of the car in any point of the Crimea (except Simferopol). The sum of payment depends on a distance in kilometers: to 100 km – 2000 rubles; more than 100 km - by agreement.
  • Delivery of motor transport in a time off is carried out according to the preliminary arrangement (working hours from 8:00 till 20:00).
  • Granting driver.


Book a car by phone or online. Prerequisite advance reservation is - at least one day prior to the effective date of the lease. In case of cancellation of our services no refund.


The amount of bail depends on the class of vehicle:

  • class standard - 10 000 rubles;
  • class comfort - 25 000;
  • business class - 35 000 rubles.

The bail is returned to the client at the end of the lease term, after the return of the machine and its validation.


Self-filling involves the use of gasoline A-95. Client is provided with a car with a full tank. When you return the car tank must also be completely filled. In the event of a shortfall, the client pays for petrol per 40 rubles per liter missing.

Service conditions

Daily mileage of the vehicle shall not exceed 350 km. In case of exceeding the established limit, each kilometer is payable at the rate of 5 rub. / km.

Loss of key, technical passport, state number of auto - refundable 15 000 rub. for each unit.

At pollution of salon, damages or breakage of the car the dry-cleaner and repair are carried out for the client account. In case the vehicle appeared on repair because of the client, during validity, money for rent for these days does not come back.


CMTPL insurance. At road accident because of the driver compensation is paid to the third parties by insurance company, repair of the vehicle of the Avtotitan company is paid by the tenant.

Estimated time

Estimated time begins from the moment of entry into force of the treaty (the signing of the lease agreement). Failure to observe the terms of the contract, the following rates:

  • vehicle delay up to 30 minutes - not paid;
  • delay from one hour  - pay per day, according to the sum specified in the contract;